L.L. Brooks

  Love is Gender Blind

My first m/m  short story. A little rough but still entertaining.


Against his strict principles, Captain Simon Wilkes agreed to approach a male whore favored by his first mate for one reason, to hire him to service his men on the upcoming voyage to save some unwilling man from being kidnapped and ravaged. In the brothel he was directed to, drugged and drunk, he does something he never believed of himself, succumbs to lust for a man, the same he was to hire, and  he discovers the reason he’d never known satisfaction with women. Lying to himself, saying it’s to save beautiful Roger from a life of prostitution, he takes him home, gives into Roger’s seductive ways and pleas for love, believing several days of debauchery is no worse than one time before returning to his empty life. Denying his true nature, he sent Roger away. Will lifetime teachings win out or will he admit his love when Roger’s life is endangered?



                                         Secret Cravings Publishing